Repeat prescriptions

It may be necessary for your pet to be prescribed long-term medication, in such cases we operate a repeat prescription service where the Vet will authorise a repeat prescription of the medication once the animal has been fully examined. The repeat prescription will run for a period of time depending on the condition, and medication can be ordered through reception until another check-up is needed.

In all repeat prescription cases we ask for 24 hours notice when ordering your medication to ensure we have it in stock.

Petcare Insurance

We know that cost is a key issue when contemplating taking on the ownership of a pet and we always keep this in mind when charging for prescriptions and services, however we encourage owners to consider taking out petcare insurance. We can offer information about Petplan's petcare insurance products, including its 4-week free puppy and kitten offer, please contact our reception on 01324 570701 for details.

Payment policy

Cost is never more important than when it involves the healthcare of a beloved pet, as such, we operate a fair pet and owner centred pricing structure. Unfortunately we cannot offer credit and all services and medication must be paid for at the time.

In the case where a pet is having on-going medication or the animal is fully insured, we can sometimes organise a direct claim to the insurance company. This can be discussed with the Vet before treatment commences.

Home visits

Although we prefer to carry out consultations in the clinic where medicine and equipment are to hand, we can provide home visits in particular circumstances. This would need to be arranged directly with the vet in charge.